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Wreckers R Us– Toyota

Looking for Toyota parts? Want something cheap but works? Wreckers R Us is for you! Call us today on 0451 286 103 or 0416 100 119 for more information on our services and Toyota parts!

Here at Wreckers R Us, we will work to provide you with affordable options for your vehicle parts replacement or upgrade. We buy Toyota auto items when you want them off your hands, and we then repair and repurpose the parts so they are born-again as quality items for your vehicle. Why spend thousands of dollars on repairing or replacing parts when we can do it for you for much, much less? Come to us for the best parts for your Toyota.

The Difference With Wreckers R Us

Our process is simple: we collect used Toyota parts and restore them so they are perfect for your vehicle. We test them, manage them and then clean them up. From there, we put them through a series of tests to ensure they are ready to be installed in your Toyota. You can sure of their quality, safety and reliability when you buy them from us.

What Parts Do We Have For Your Toyota?

From mufflers to transmissions, from engine parts to bodyworks, we have the selection of auto parts for your Toyota. All our parts are tested and checked so they can work perfectly for your vehicle.

Used Toyota Vehicles Ready To Be Taken Off Our Hand

Is your Toyota broken beyond repair? Do you think it is time to find a new one, but can’t blow your budget on it? Well, we can help you with that too. Over the years, we have collected a wide selection of used Toyota vehicles. We have a wide selection of all models and years. Each vehicle we have collected, we put them through a series of tests to ensure they are safe on the road for you. This includes performance, mileage and condition testing. This way, you will get a ready-to-roll Toyota all for yourself!

The Best In The Business

Don’t let your Suzuki struggle to make it through the day. We have the parts for you to get your car working at 100%. For more information about our services, the parts we have, or our used vehicles, contact us today. You can call us on 0451 286 103 or 0416 100 119 or email us at You are also free to visit our storage on Parkes Road.