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At Wreckers R Us in Melbourne, we work to provide you with affordable options for your next vehicle purchase. Used cars are always popular as an affordable option of transport that you can own and drive yourself.

We understand everything that goes into choosing your next motor vehicle; its performance, mileage, condition, history and of course, the cost. We also understand your main concerns and priorities when sourcing a used vehicle and do our best to remain 100% transparent and provide all solutions when choosing something right.

Our team of auto experts ensure that all our vehicles for sale are in good condition, we customise and test them ourselves so you can be confident in your purchase of a pre-loved vehicle.

We source a range of auto parts and accessories and can assist in upgrading your vehicle so it is tailor-made to suit your needs. We will give you the full outline and disclosure of every vehicle that we sell and every auto part. We are proud of our ability to turn scrap metal into valuable auto parts and building new motor vehicles that run smoother with a stronger body than they did when we first acquired them. We also have an eye for undervalued used vehicles that we buy.

That’s why with every vehicle purchase, we offer test drives and our team will assist you in comparing your options and understanding everything there is to know about your potential new car. Contact us to learn more about our auto parts, vehicles and scrap metal we buy and sell, we are always happy to help.