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Wreckers Williamstown – Call 0451 286 103 or 0416 100 119 for Cheap Used Spare Parts!

Wreckers R Us store near Williamstown location is easily accessible by car. Experienced auto enthusiasts and auto spare parts suppliers, we offer a large variety of stock and services compared to simple auto parts stores. You can visit our workshop to talk to our team regarding anything auto or scrap metal related, or, you can come by to:

  • Browse and buy a second-hand vehicle or cheap car parts
  • View our second-hand car parts range
  • See our broad range of available spare car parts to restore your current vehicle
  • Recycle your scrap metal or spare parts by selling them to us for money

View Our Affordable Automotive Parts Range

Our main focus has always been to supply our clients with quality auto parts at an affordable cost.

We all know that owning a car is not cheap. Between the cost of the car itself, insurance, petrol, service, repairs and your licensing costs, you could easily call it a demanding aspect of your life. It is the time saved by driving and efficiency of your transport that makes it worthwhile.

So, when unforeseen circumstances like accidents or weather damage or, natural circumstances like old, car parts wearing out, start to weigh you down – you should not have to worry about dealing with a sudden onset of debt for a new vehicle or massive auto parts replacement expenses on top of it! Instead, contact Wreckers R Us and inquire about your required replacement parts in Williamstown.

Our team of experts work hard to source and supply quality second hand car parts. We make sure to test, customise and repair all used car parts we acquire so that they always end up in better condition than when we first acquire them.

You can view our stock and pricing online, or for the most current available items, you can visit our workshop on Parkes Road. Contact our team if you are after a particular item or require any assistance in sourcing a certain auto part, we are always happy to help

Auto Car Parts Brands in Williamstown

From all around Melbourne, we source a range of auto parts, scrap metal, vehicles, accessories and more. We understand your main concerns and priorities when sourcing used vehicle parts in Williamstown and do our best to remain 100% transparent and provide all solutions when choosing the right part, for your needs. We will give you the full outline and disclosure of every vehicle that we sell and every single auto part.

We sell a large range of Toyota used parts and vehicles in particular, but our stock includes all of the following car brands and more:

Scrap Metal Recyclers in Williamstown

If you currently own a bomb vehicle, scrap metal parts or any old, unwanted auto parts, you can safely dispose of them and make money by selling them to us. Wreckers R Us offer scrap metal buying and recycling. We buy and sell all grades of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal and will happily take and make good use out of any old vehicles that may be taking up too much space in your garage.

We make it easy for you to get paid for recycling your products made from ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal. All the scrap metal we purchase is recycled and goes into servicing and building new, stronger vehicles.

Contact us if you have any enquiries about scrap metal recycling or if you own scrap metal, auto parts and/or any used vehicles you want to sell and we can provide you with a quote.

Get In Touch

Contact our team on 0451 286 103 or 0416 100 119 or email us at dannyscheapautoparts@gmail.com to learn more about our stock, our pricing or our scrap metal recycling service before you come in.

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