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Scrap Metal

Wreckers R Us offer scrap metal buying and recycling. We buy and sell all grades of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal and will happily take and make good use out of any old old vehicles that may be taking up too much space in your garage

We make it easy to for you to get paid for recycling your products made from ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal. All the scrap metal we purchase is recycled and goes into servicing and building new, stronger vehicles.

Contact us if you have any enquiries about scrap metal recycling or if you own scrap metal, auto parts and/or any used vehicles you want to sell and we can provide you a quote.

We Buy All Kinds of

Don’t leave your scrap metal to rust slowly and surely in your garage or yard. If it is truly serving you no purpose – you have options that will make you money! Contact Wreckers R Us  and we will give you a quote of how much we will buy your scrap metal items for.

Make Money From Your

Free up space at your property for your new vehicle or bike and at the same time make some extra money fast, all by selling your old and overused vehicles for recycling.

Our team accept all makes and models and a very wide selection of used vehicles, even the oldest most run-down vehicle frame you thought was worthless could go to use in our hands. As professional scrap metal recyclers we see the treasure inthe used vehicles you see as trash and we are willing to pay for it. Contact Wreckers R Us for a quote on your used vehicle.

Help the Environment

Asides from taking a burden off your shoulders and being a method to make easy money, giving up scrap metal to recycler such as Wreckers R Us  is a simple effort towards helping the environment. Saves precious resources and significantly reduces green-house gas emissions by recycling your used vehicle.